Escape Louisbourg

Escape Louisbourg


Think you can crack the code and Escape Louisbourg with 60 minutes on the clock? Join us on Monday and Tuesday evenings for an exciting, new set of escape rooms. But wait! you have the choice to pick between escaping the Forge or the Bakery, which will you choose? Escape rooms run for an hour at 6:00pm and 7:30pm on Mondays and Tuesdays until September 3rd. Max 6 participants per group.

The Bakery

The daughter of the baker is madly in love, however, her father does not approve of who he believes she has set her eyes on. He plans to send her back to France on a ship tomorrow to find a more suitable husband, and has locked away a letter sent to her from her beloved, B. Croquembouche, containing a proposed rendezvous point so they can escape Louisbourg. You must help her find the letter and decode the location of the rendezvous point before her father sends her to the ship!

The Forge

The part time blacksmith, Benoit, is the best friend of Evangeline, though everyone thinks they are in love. However, it is actually Evangeline and Benoit’s sister, Brielle, who are madly in love. The baker must never find out, so Benoit allows the town to believe that he is the B. Croquembouche who writes to the baker’s daughter. Benoit and Brielle are planning to make a beautiful metal rose in the forge so she can profess her love to Evangeline, but they require extra help to get the job done. You must help them finish the rose before Evangeline leaves for France!

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